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Paddle boards are great water sport equipment that allow the rider to stand up in a paddle board and paddle himself from point A to point B. They are some of the most sought after outdoor water activity and no wonder why most people would try them out. There are even health benefits for stand up paddle users. The first is that they provide the user the ability to improve one's balance. The paddle board will require the user to stand-up and in an upright position to properly execute the paddle strokes and this thing alone requires the stability of one's core muscles with the legs and hips in maintain the balance. If the balance has been achieved, the paddle focuses on the execution of his paddling strokes to be able to propel himself to another location. Stand up paddle boards is an all body work-out and will have the user perspire easily. The muscles in the legs, arms and legs will work hard on top of maintaining the balance which uses the core, back and abdominal muscles simultaneously. If the rider of these stand up paddle boards have the expertise in using them, the exercise will serve as a form of relaxation because it is a low impact sport, it will not damage your ligaments, your tendons and cause hip or knee pain. The natural sound and feel of the water provides the calmness effects in your skin and body, it relieves the body of the stress and you will start to relax with continued use of the stand up paddle board dimensions. The more you use them, the more your focus in your balance decreases and your senses becomes aware of your environment and the beauty of nature. Cardio exercises are also provided by this form of activity as the movement and action of the water against your paddle provides enough amount of energy to increase your heart rate although at the same time it is very gentle to your muscles. Continuous use of these stand up paddle boards allow for improvement in one's endurance and ultimately better cardio vascular health. Apart from the health benefits and the ability to commune with nature, this kind of activity is generally for everyone. You can use it any form of body of water just like the lake, the river provided it is calm and the beach. It can be enjoyed by almost everyone, from the sports junkies to the senior citizens. Check out stand up paddle board reviews for more information.